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Produced by Petroluem Refineries in Turkey, Granular Sulphur is the mainly traded commodity by our Company. Quality standard is 99.9% where as 99.5% is guaranteed value by refineries. Sulphuric Acid Facilities and Fertilizer factories are the main users of Granular Sulphur.

In addition to Granular type of Sulphur, we are in a position to supply Lump Sulphur produced by Refineries and Mines in Russia, Bulgaria, Romania and Iraq. The quality of Lump Sulphur is 99.5% Min. Below are the specifications for reference:


Sulphur content 99.5% Min.

Form Lump /Grunular

Ash ( Wt ) 0.03%

Moisture ( Wt) 0.2%


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